License Optimization

As you consolidate, virtualize or re-platform your infrastructure, it may be difficult to keep track of what database and software components are licensed, where they are deployed, and whether there is a more efficient strategy to maximize the value of your software licenses. You may even find yourself over-licensed in one area and out of compliance in another.

Meta7’s Software License Optimization process consists of three interrelated service offerings that can be delivered individually or as a group. Each service addresses specific challenges you may face when managing or deploying Oracle Software.

License Contract Analysis (LCA) helps you understand your software contracts and provides a detailed report of exactly what licenses are under contract, including quantities, metrics, costs and terms.

License Deployment Analysis (LDA) leverages the LCA output, and provides you with a detailed report of where your licenses are deployed as well as where you stand on license consumption and compliance.

License Strategy and Roadmap (LSR) provides actionable recommendations for the deployment of software in an efficient, cost-effective way—to best support your ongoing infrastructure initiatives.

Meta7’s software license optimization services help you:

  • Understand your asset ownership rights and limitations
  • Monitor and optimize asset utilization
  • Plan more accurately for projects
  • Identify potential needs in meeting regulatory standards
  • Significantly reduce your long-term licensing costs

Over the last 12 months, we have helped several IT organizations with simple license analysis services that enabled them to reach their goals for 30% to 40% lower than expected cost.