Engineered Systems & Appliances

The Meta7 team has adopted Oracle’s Engineered Systems as a core competency, and demonstrated this commitment by obtaining our Exadata Specialization.

Our consultants come from organizations where Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance, Private Cloud Appliance or Exalogic were essential to their business. We have leveraged this expertise to build out services that provide you with greater value from your investment in the Oracle Engineered Systems.



Exadata Services


Upgrading to the latest version of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5 has never been easier. Meta7’s consultants will work with your teams to improve utilization of your asset and ensure that you are taking advantage of the highest performing, most cost-effective and versatile platform for Oracle Database 11g and 12c.

You have invested heavily in your Oracle platform, now you have the opportunity to maximize your investment—with greater consolidation, virtualization and storage capacity than ever before. Our consultants will expertly guide you on where and how to move your workloads for ultimate productivity.

Meta7 enables this upgrade process by offering an array of financial services that will free up capital and meet your specific business and budgetary needs. The upgrade also provides you with elastic configuration that can be custom-designed to meet any business use case. Exadata X5 is now modular to allow for easy scaling, enhanced capacity on demand and the ability to virtualize your database on one platform.

Implementation Services

Meta7’s expert consultants will develop a design specification document for your Exadata systems, as well as coordinate and oversee Oracle’s Exadata configuration worksheet and Exacheck script. Next, Meta7 will help you create a test procedures plan to validate the installation and configuration of your infrastructure components according to your design specification document. Throughout the process, Meta7 will provide on-demand support as well as knowledge sharing so your key stakeholders remain informed of your progress.

Meta7 will work with you to provide the project management support you need for effective oversight, planning and coordination of your implementation process.


Exadata Patching Service

Oracle’s Engineered Systems are designed to ensure that the software and hardware components required to run a database or other enterprise applications are tightly integrated and optimized.

Part of Oracle’s approach for these systems is to release quarterly validated patch bundles that address each component within an engineered system including storage, computing and networking. While this strategy is successful from a technical perspective, it can also be complex and difficult to manage.

Meta7 Exadata Patching Service

Meta7 has created a process to ease the technical execution of the Exadata patch bundle. We work closely with you to navigate this process and ensure that the technical execution of the patching process will produce predictable results.


Meta7’s High-Level Process Flow



However, it is nearly impossible to rationalize your application portfolio when you don’t know what you have. You will be stuck with costly redundancies if you are unable to see where your overlap occurs. Worse yet, you won’t be able to invest in the best IT when you’re not sure how your portfolio performs against your key business and IT metrics.

We have tailored our approach to specifically address your Oracle environment. Our Capacity Planning Assessment—along with our other offerings—are designed to address the business, technical and workload constraints that are specific to the Oracle database.

ODA Deployments

Meta7’s experience with the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) started at the time of its launch. Since then, our Oracle experts have created and deployed ODA solutions for a wide range of cases.

An ODA deployment can help you limit the licensing of your appliance to the specific core count required, all while optimizing the performance of your application.

Our experienced solution architects and consultants will help you answer the following questions:

  • Is ODA the right fit for my organization?
  • Should I deploy this unit as a single node or in a high availability configuration?
  • How can I minimize my licensing costs?
  • Does the appliance storage capacity support my requirements, or do I need a storage expansion unit?

Having clarity around these issues will help you determine if an ODA deployment is right for you.

Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) Services

Meta7 offers a full suite of services for the Private Cloud Appliance. From pre-sales sizing and design through implementation and migration, Meta7 provides all of the services you need to deploy production-ready virtual machines.

  • Sizing CPU, memory, network and disk resources
  • Architecture and design of your PCA physical and virtual components
  • Deployment planning
  • On- or off-site configuration and integration
  • Deployment implementation
  • P2V activities
  • Server migrations
  • Linux templates and OS configurations
  • Operational integration
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Ops Center, Oracle VM Manager, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder and Oracle Cloud Control



Sun SPARC/Storage Implementation Services

Because of Meta7’s T-Series experience and specialization, we are best positioned to help you plan, procure and build your server and storage infrastructure as cost-effectively as possible. We determine your current return on investment and help to lower your total cost of ownership.

With deep knowledge of Oracle best practices and solutions, Meta7 consultants will guide you toward mitigating risk and maximizing the value of your Oracle server and storage investments, including:

  • System installation and configuration
  • Solaris workshops, application optimization, advanced features consulting
  • Solaris Cluster and HA consulting
  • SPARC Server consolidation and virtualization