Consolidation & Virtualization


SPARC OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine) for SPARC

Meta7 will help increase your utilization and unlock more agility in the provisioning and deployment of your services when you implement to Oracle’s VM Server for SPARC. This platform provides enterprise-class virtualization capabilities for your supported SPARC servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system. The combination helps to increase flexibility, isolate workload processing and maximize server utilization.


X86 OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine) for x86

Meta7 will help you take advantage of complete server virtualization and management without licensing costs. Oracle Virtual Machine (VM) Server for x86 is a free server virtualization and management solution that enables easier deployment, management and support for your enterprise applications. Oracle VM facilitates the operation of your applications on a fully certified platform to reduce operations and support costs while increasing the performance and agility of your IT.