Architecture & Design


Meta7's consultants understand that Oracle has a significant inventory of solutions that are integrated to form a cohesive go-to-market strategy. Our experience with these solutions has demonstrated that not all solutions are right for every environment, nor is there a single best configuration to maximize return on investment in all environments.

Our architecture and design services experts will work with you to examine your specific initiatives and determine how to best customize the implementation of Oracle solutions to your unique environment.


Services Include:

  • Defining the architecture for your application and database tiers, including high-availability business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Creating deployment strategies to maximize utilization of your investments while minimizing cost

  • Determining capacity requirements and creating a strategy that aligns expected growth with capital and operational expenses
  • Ensuring your database is tuned and performing as optimally as possible

Our Approach to Complete Database Optimization

Capacity Planning Assessment

Understanding your infrastructure begins with a Meta7 Capacity Planning Assessment

We will work with you to understand your current Oracle database environment, help you build a capacity model, and recommend possible solution paths for your future database platform.

This assessment will facilitate a process, and provide supporting data to answer these important questions.

  • What is your current capacity today? How much more capacity do you have left?
  • How does your system workload map to your business demands?
  • Which components of your current infrastructure are bottlenecks to your database performance?
  • Where are the opportunities to optimize your current infrastructure?
  • What future strategic technology options will improve your database performance and allow you to meet business demand?

Benefits of a Meta7 Database Capacity Planning Assessment Include:

  • A benchmark of your current infrastructure capacity utilization.
  • Insight into the business triggers that drive your database infrastructure utilization.
  • Identification of capacity risks that could contribute to missed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • A capacity model that allows you to strategically project future capacity.
  • Technology recommendations that will enable infrastructure to meet the demands of your business applications.

Database Health Checks

As a database manager or IT professional, you are likely facing increasing pressures to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. You are caught between managing productivity and your clients’ satisfaction with rising costs and shrinking budgets. Software licensing costs keep you from throwing more hardware or resources at the problem. Outages and delays are not an option.

Application costs and performance should be considered throughout your application’s lifecycle, not just at the end during implementation. The goal of performance tuning is to minimize your response time for each query and maximize the throughput of your entire database server, by reducing network traffic, disk I/O, and CPU time.

Meta7 provides you with the opportunity to analyze and assess your Database application portfolio to achieve a thorough understanding of your application requirements, as well as the logical and physical structure of your data, and tradeoffs between conflicting uses of the database and your system resources.

A Meta7 Database Health Check Gives You A Way To:

  • Identify and prioritize specific performance remediation activities
  • Provide program investment, timeline and expected return on investment to key stakeholders
  • Estimate performance improvement for quantifying your investment ROI
  • Perform economic analysis of your database environment, with proposed options for further application placement analysis
  • Optimize hardware usage through improved performance to save money
  • Enable your systems to keep up with the speed of business



Application Architecture and Workload Placement

Meta7 will help you conduct a comprehensive analysis of your IT systems and develop a strategy for your workload placements so you realize significant savings for your organization.

To analyze your IT infrastructure for potential cost optimization and to best place your workloads, it is important to respect the three data center constraints beyond simple utilization.



When Evaluating Your Applications and Workloads



Business Constraints

Determine if your IT infrastructure is governed by strict requirements on how your servers, applications and storage are organized.


Technical Constraints

Uncover both affinities and constraints in your environment from a purely technical perspective.


Workload Constraints

Analyze the utilization levels and patterns within your IT environment. The characteristics of the workload will determine whether it is best to dedicate resources, stack applications or virtualize to achieve your optimal strategy.



However, it is nearly impossible to rationalize your application portfolio when you don’t know what you have. You will be stuck with costly redundancies if you are unable to see where your overlap occurs. Worse yet, you won’t be able to invest in the best IT when you’re not sure how your portfolio performs against your key business and IT metrics.

We have tailored our approach to specifically address your Oracle environment. Our Capacity Planning Assessment—along with our other offerings—are designed to address the business, technical and workload constraints that are specific to the Oracle database.


Meta7 will help you evaluate your environment and drive true business and IT unification with these three simple steps:



Gain visibility into your applications like never before. We can help collect your data, creating clarity within weeks, not years.



Customize your metrics for your business and IT.



Rely on our data-driven methodology to reveal the true value of your application portfolio by providing instant transparency. With our data, you will be able to determine what to sell, what to hold and what to buy.