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A Winning Partnership

For nearly 20 years, Oracle and Forsythe have been partners. Forsythe created its Meta7 division three years ago to give additional resources and focus to Oracle with a dedicated organization.


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What’s really going on inside Oracle’s New SPARC M7 Systems?

Get in touch with your inner-geek as this article takes a deep dive inside the core clusters and "speeds and feeds" of the M7 and T7 systems.


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The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2016

The toughest job in corporate America, says Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, is the CIO’s. While I agree with Hurd’s assessment, I also believe that business-minded, forward-looking CIOs have an incredible opportunity to play leading roles in the digital/physical revolution that is transforming every facet of our lives.


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5 Bold Predictions From The CEO Of Oracle About Cloud Computing

Mark Hurd, the CEO of Oracle ORCL +0.00%, made some bold predictions for where the enterprise market is going. These five predictions are praiseworthy because they are bold and specific. In 2025, we will be able to look at the Enterprise market and see which of these predictions turned out to be right.