Our Team

Leverage the expertise of world-class professionals who have demonstrated success with the Oracle stack. Rely on our know-how, experience and agility to support the ever-changing needs of your business. Our consultants average more than 15 years of experience working with the Oracle Red Stack. Our sales representatives and leadership team combined spent more than 80 years working at Oracle.

Executive Leadership

Paul Zajdel

GM, Sales & Presales Leader

Paul Zajdel re-joined Forsythe Solutions in January, 2015 and launched Meta7 as an Oracle-focused solution provider. Paul has overall responsibility for the group and manages the presales and sales teams. Previously he spent 13+ years at Forsythe as the senior director of the Oracle Corporation/Sun Microsystems lines of business. Most recently, Zajdel was at Oracle Corporation in the Alliances & Channels organization.

Zajdel graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing.

"Meta7 leverages Forsythe's broad range of capabilities to help Oracle clients with their IT security; workload and data center migration; on-premise and off-premise database and infrastructure hosting and managed services; financing for hardware, software and services; and more."

Steven Taeyaerts

Consulting Leader

Steve Taeyaerts joined Meta7 in February 2018 to lead its Consulting team.  Previously, he ran the operations group for Forsythe professional services across all lines of business.   Steve’s entire career has been spent in IT consulting, starting with PwC and eventually starting, growing and selling his own business intelligence firm.

Taeyaerts holds an MBA from DePaul University and a BA in Economics and Computer Applications from the University of Notre Dame.

“Meta7’s team, capabilities and track-record of success are all second-to-none. When combined with the talent already at Sirius, we can deliver consulting projects for clients that span the entire Oracle stack.”

Presales Team

Daniel Morgan

Principal Advisor

Dan began his IT career in 1969 writing Fortran IV on IBM mainframes. Since the early 1990s, Mr. Morgan has focused primarily on Oracle Corporation’s flagship database. Within the Oracle environment, Mr. Morgan is an internationally recognized subject matter expert concentrating on security, stability, and scalability.  Mr. Morgan attained the exclusive Oracle ACE Director designation in 2007.  Mr. Morgan specializes in core Oracle database and the environment in which it runs from the storage, network, server, and operating environment supporting the database through data integration tools and the SQL and PL/SQL languages. His experience includes multiple engagements in the following sectors: Aerospace, E-Commerce, Education, Energy, Finance, High Technology, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Public Sector, Retail, and Telecommunications.

Lee Diamante

Solution Architect

Lee Diamante has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing solutions for Oracle environments from storage through middleware.Lee specializes in applying the right combination of hardware, software, services and processes to each client’s unique situation rather than pushing toward a specific product. His broad knowledge and expertise with Oracle environments have been essential to the planning, design and delivery of projects across industries for consolidation, virtualization and migrations; high availability and business continuity; integration of new features and technologies; and license optimization.

Prior to joining Forsythe, Lee spent ten years with Sun Microsystems as a consultant in professional services and client solutions.

“The right technical solution and the right business solution rarely line up cleanly. I specialize in finding solutions that solve real-life problems without compromising good ideas."

Jason Peterson

Solution Architect

Jason Peterson has more than 18 years of experience with Oracle software, SPARC and Solaris technologies. Jason focuses on infrastructure solutions and specializes in providing the right tools for the job. By applying virtualization and migration services along with proven methodologies, he  helps clients realize the true cost of ownership of their environments. Peterson works with clients on architecture and design for Oracle solutions that are invaluable to their success.

Prior to joining Forsythe, Jason was an independent consultant, focusing on Sun Microsystems and Oracle solutions for the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. I strive to help clients reduce the chaos that hinders their growth and create solutions that exceed expectations.”

Paul Koehler

Solution Architect

Paul Koehler has more than 23 years of IT experience in the financial services industry focusing on infrastructure, virtualization and optimization based solutions. Paul has held positions of increasing responsibility with an emphasis on the creation and delivery of technology solutions for large enterprise clients with aggressive ROI goals.

He spent 13 years at Sun Microsystems performing system engineering client support, solution definition and delivery and technical project management before joining Forsythe as a solutions architect six years ago. Prior to joining Sun, Paul founded a technical project management consulting firm that served Wall Street financial and insurance based clients. He has managed numerous enterprise technology projects with recent emphasis on cost cutting initiatives such as virtualization migrations, low latency computing and cloud computing.

“I’ve helped numerous clients adopt engineered systems resulting in realized TCO savings.”

Tim Robbins

Solution Architect

Tim has over 25 years of IT experience.  This experience is comprised of many years in both the end user, reseller/integrator as well as recently at Oracle in the manufacturer space.  A great deal of Tim's success  has been around solution designing.  This is accomplished with the understanding of business initiatives and success criteria and assisting in developing a strategic strategy followed by a tactical plan to insure success.  

More recently, the adoption of off premise, service level processing (a.k.a. cloud computing) has enabled more creative and cost beneficial solutions to many of his clients.  One of the keys to Tim's success is his ability to become a trusted adviser to my clients, both internal and external, and the ability to step in quickly to help remediate their issues, whether business or technical, to resolution.


“I think one of the keys to my success has been my experience not just on the integration side, but also having worked on the end-user and manufacturer side. I can see the business challenges from the customer perspective and thus work within their current framework to deliver the optimum business solution to meet their needs."

Consulting Team

Umair Mansoob

Senior Engineer

Bill Pilarski

Engagement Manager

Caius Vicas


Brian Pace

Senior Engineer

James Hopkins

Senior Engineer

Greg Williams


Rita Dalian

Senior Engineer

Slava Urbanovich

Senior Engineer

David Bartula

Senior Project Manager

Kevin Smith

Senior Engineer

Ted Campbell

Senior Engineer

Robert Johnson

Project Manager

Dominick Rauba


Sales Team

Brian Day

Client Executive

Brian Day brings more than 20 years of experience working with Oracle clients.  Brianspecializes in Oracle professional services, SAP professional services and Oracle database. He has a firm handle on the integrated Oracle stack and has a proven track record of helping Oracle clients put the Oracle Solution stack together to solve their business problems.

Previously, Brian worked for SAP as a global account client partner and he received his Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities. Brian was employed as an agricultural scientist at the University of Minnesota before making his hobby—working on computers—into a second career.

“Our goal is to take the complex entropy out of IT and to instead promote a structured process. At Meta7, we are uniquely positioned to reduce complexity and costs for clients as well as increase speed to market.”

Erin M. Turner

Client Executive

Erin Turner has a long history building meaningful customer relationships. She has been with Oracle for the past four years working as a master data management consultant before moving to application sales.

Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Spanish from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

“Working with client’s who make corporate investment in complex technologies, I understand the need to keep IT simple. Meta7 provides solutions that generate value, are executable and achieve faster time to market. I enjoy helping organizations become what they strive to be.”

James Miller

Client Executive

Mandy Lewis

Client Executive

Mandy’s career started in technology sales since 2000 where she has focused on a variety of technologies from niche players to mainstream Microsoft, Google, and Oracle. She has been involved with selling cloud technology since 2005, and has worked at Oracle both on the applications and technology sides of the business. She joined the Meta7 team in March 2017, coming from Oracle, and covers 5 states for Sirius as a Sales Specialist focused on Oracle. Mandy holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Marketing and an MBA from Chicago Booth in Marketing, International Business and Strategic Management.

Maggie Mello

Client Executive

Maggie Mello joined Meta7 in January 2017 to be the Associate Account Manager for the West Region & Texas.  Previously, she was with Oracle Corporation as an Infrastructure Account Manager. Over the past 5 years Maggie’s career has been in solution sales across Technology & Financial industries.

Maggie holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology degree from the University of Texas at Austin with a minor in Communications.

Ben Sherman

Client Executive